Saturday, November 18, 2006

Demeter on the Brain

Lately I've been liking Demeter a lot. Over the summer I wore Rain a lot after I finally found a bottle. (Whole Foods had been sold out, and someone there even told me the scent was no longer made.) Incidentally, Rain: to me it smells like a tangerine floating in ozonated air. When I first experience it, I thought of the smell of coming out of a swimming pool, except not chlorine-like. That's hard to describe. Anyway, the site says, circuitously, that the scent essentially combines earthy, plant odors. I think.

One of the scents that I wear now is Bonfire. It's supposed to be the smell of burning maple leaves. I was looking for Fresh Hay, which I also love, when I picked this one up instead. It does smell like smoke. Here's the interesting part, though: Think of smoke and smell it. Done? OK. Now, think of barbecue-flavored potato chips and smell it. Fascinating! I wonder if this accord is used in smoke flavors.

And another Demeter scent that I quite like is Myrrh. To me, it smells just like myrrh, except perhaps a bit lighter. It strikes me as a very understated, subtle scent to wear; I also think it would combine well with other scents. A note about the smell of myrrh: I always think of dried saffron when I smell it. I haven't smelled saffron in years, and I haven't compared the two, but I think they smell similar. Do they? Does anyone else think that?

And that's the beep for now.